Which is your hood type? (Video)

Dec 8, 2019 | Products

Did you know that stretch hooding technology can do more than ten different load hood finish?

Stretch hooding end of the line packaging technologies is one of the most flexible available on the market. It is specifically engineered to secure, protect and stabilize the load, and to do so, it needs to adjust to the widest variety of load formats.

The stretch hooder can work with several film sizes with automatic selection and, per each film size it can apply different hood types on the load.

The standard full hood is indeed the most popular, it provides a full waterweather-proof protection, great load stability and outstanding product display.

If the packaging does not need to be water-proof we recommend the open top hood, to reduce at the minimum the plastic usage, still granting superior load stability.

If the load is reasonably stable then let’s use a sleeve hood, that thanks to the elasticity of the stretch film will work like an elastic band around the goods, keeping them firm on the pallet, without altering their shape.

What type of hood finish would your load require? Contact us to know more.