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Bocedi horizontal, horizontal with compacting device and vertical strapping machines are manufactured with 45 years of market experience. They are a strong and reliable partner when it comes to stabilizing and providing compactness to your load.

Strong and reliable

Bocedi strapping machines are designed to stand alone or be integrated in a complete packaging line.

Both horizontal and vertical strapping machines are available in automatic or semiautomatic versions, ideal for any industry. They secure the palletized load through Polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) straps.

Edge protection inserters and pressing/compacting devices are available on all versions.

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Download PDF


Technical data:

  • Capacity: 180+ pallet/hr
  • Minimum pallet size: 600×800 mm
  • Maximum pallet size: 1800×1200 mm


Edge Protection Inserter


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