New Stretch Hooder FB3000

May 7, 2020 | Products

Engineered to secure a wide range of different palletized loads, the new stretch hooder FB3000 is ideal for its safety, and its unbeatable design quality. The hooder offers a lowerable system at operator level to ensure easy maintenance with maximum safety.

FB3000 guarantees superior product safety, UV protection, water-weather proof packaging, and great stability during all the transport phases.

The stretch hooder is fully automated and is configurable with 2 different film types/sizes. With the integrated load dimension reader the FB3000 tailor cuts the hood for each load, reducing significantly the use of packaging material.

Suitable for any product type, the FB3000 has a max capacity of 80 loads per hour. With four supporting columns the hooder adds a strong Vertical stretch on all load sizes, for greater stability and excellent product display.