The MS-L in box bagmaker is a fully automatic machine that tailor cuts and positions the bag/liner inside industrial size containers.

The MS-L in box bagmaker is suitable to work with octabins, metal cages, goodpacks, wooden crates, wire mesh cages and card board boxes.

The MS-L in box bagmaker is configurable with up to 3 different film types/sizes, with the integrated automatic film feed system the machine can work with different container sizes simultaneously. A lowerable platform ensure the easy and safe maintenance of the equipment.

The MS-L in box bagmaker is a straight forward machine with mechanical and pneumatic components that requires little maintenance and it is very easy to operate.

Capable of working with boxes size up to 1400x1300mm, the fully automatic in box bagmaker has an output capacity of 70 boxes per hour.

The MS-L in in box bagmaker is a popular solution in the preforms handling process, and is suitable for granulates, food industry, rubber and compounds.

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