Hybrid Line: Stretch Hood or Shrink Hood? (Video)

May 6, 2020 | Products

It can be difficult to choose in between the two technologies, and it can be even harder to move away from the traditional packaging processes to a new technology like the stretch hooding.

For the ones most challenging to convince Bocedi has designed a very special range of packaging lines that combines both shrink hood and stretch hood technologies, offering the possibility to automatically switch from one to the other.

The hybrid hooders can be configurated with up to 6 different film reels (size, type, thickness or colour), to pack different load sizes.

The stretch hood technology offers a superior load stability, weather proof packaging ideal for open air storage, outstanding product display and excellent branding thanks to the printable films, without the use of heat. Shrink hooding grants an high puncture resistant packaging, with great stability, using the latest generation of recycled hot air burners.

The type of technology to be used is programmed and the line automatically shifts form the shrink to the stretch hood, according to type of product to be packed or the type of film to be used in that specific batch.

The hybrid hooders are ideal for any type of product, they are an extremely valuable resource for multi size/products productions.