FB3000 (Video)

Feb 22, 2021 | Products

We have been working, for over 50 years, to design and to manufacture end of the line packaging solutions to respond positively to our customers different requirements.

Stefano Bocedi, one of the four brothers leading the company, R&D manager, tells us how the new stretch hood machine FB3000 was designed and why it is today the most flexible, efficient and easy to operate stretch hooder of its kind, available on the worldwide market.

The FB3000 is a packaging machine capable of working up to 80 loads/hour, it offers flexible packaging options thanks to its cartesian film stretch system, that allows to pack different products and different load sizes in random production, with all the stretch hood film types.

One of the many features this machine offers, is the possibility to install two different types of film reels: dimensions, colours or thickness. Working in automatic cycle, the FB3000, selects which film to be used with no need to operate it manually.

After the initial settings the stretch hooder will work autonomously, giving the possibility to plan the production and to leave the machine to manage all the different packaging finish.

FB3000: the benefits

  • Easy to operate: a brand new HMI, with intuitive graphics and commands
  • Straightforward installation: our long lasting market experience, has helped us to design a machine with a simple and fast on-site installation
  • Safety first: all the periodical maintenance and the film reels change can be done at floor level
  • Extreme flexibility: the stretch hooder works with any load shape and size
  • Versatility: the machine components can be fully customized according to the customer requests.

The machine has plenty more to offer. The integrated load identification system, is specifically designed to detect the load height and the pallet size. The FB3000 will automatically tailor cut a hood for each load to optimize the usage of the packaging material and to grant outstanding stability and protection to every load.

One step forward into the smart packaging world and into Industry 4.0.