FB2000 MEGA, the biggest Stretch Hood ever built

May 26, 2021 | Products

The expansion of the XL range of stretch hooding machines for industries with large size products, continues unabated.

The range, which already included 6 models of packaging machines dedicated to the most voluminous loads, is enriched by a new arrival: the FB2000 MEGA.

A stretch hooding machine capable of working with load sizes up to 3600×1800 mm, it is the largest stretch hood machine available on the market today.

The FB2000 MEGA offers extreme packaging flexibility and is capable of working with a wide range of load sizes from 1000×800 mm up to 3600×1800 mm. Completely automated, the machine autonomously detects the load format, chooses which of the 6 reels of film to use and creates a tailor made hood for each load to be packed.

The hood of elastic film is cut ad hoc for each load to ensure extreme product stability, coverage from atmospheric agents, UV rays and dust, and to minimize the use of plastic, avoiding unnecessary waste.

The FB2000 MEGA hooding machine has been welcomed with great enthusiasm in the ceramic market for the protection of large slabs and in the market of the insulating panels with increasingly voluminous formats.

The packing flexibility that characterizes the FB2000 MEGA makes it interesting for all industries with production of extra-large loads.

  • Capacity: 90 pallet/hr
  • Film reels: up to 6
  • Max load dimension: 3600×1800 mm
  • Min load dimension: 1000×800 mm