Stretch Hood packaging for Peat and Cultivation Substrates: Vigorplant successful story

Oct 30, 2020 | Case Studies

Packaging has a key role for the Peat and Substrates manufactures, it can in fact determine the success of some fundamental aspects. The decision-making ones, are: goods optimal preservation, optimized storing times, easier transport operations and unbeatable product branding.

Successful partnership, Vigorplant’s case

To identify a business partner, capable of listening to the producer’s needs and to transform them into solutions, is of primary importance. Even better if the business relation in between the two companies is based on directness, rapidity and trust.

This is the outline of the relationship of Bocedi and Vigorplant, Italian producer of soils and cultivation substrates, leader in the sector.

A solution for many needs: Stretch Hood packaging

Luca Petranca, Vigorplant CEO, had a clear target in mind:  to replace the old wrapping machines with new packaging lines that could grant water-proof loads, faster packaging rates and a better look of the goods on pallet.

The company started its research for a partner that could manufacture packaging lines capable to fulfil all these needs. The answer was Bocedi.

Since 2004 step by step, Vigorplant’s packaging line have been upgraded with the Bocedi stretch hooders  FB2000, the most performing machines in their range.

The stretch hooding real advantages

Fully satisfied of its choice, Luca Petranca, confirms that the unbeatable advantages offered by the stretch hood packaging system are:

  • Water-proof loads on pallet, suitable for outdoor storage
  • Increased packaging capacity
  • Outstanding products look and increased company branding

By replacing the old wrapping machines, Vigorplant has increased its packaging capacity to 90 loads/hr, has made all the palletised loads waterproof, UV protected to preserve the products integrity and has significantly increased the company branding thanks to the unique, easy to identify, yellow branded stretch hood, applied on all of their loads.

“In Bocedi we have found a company easy to talk with, in a direct, efficient and rapid manner. For Vigorplant this is a true added value” says Luca Petranca, “We have established a strong relationship in the last 16 years. In within these years the stretch hood packaging lines have proven to be long lasting and made of a great quality”.

Bocedi managing director, Fabrizio Bocedi, express his satisfaction about the great relationship built within the years with Vigorplant: “A clear and genuine relationship. The best way to create real tailor-made solutions to satisfy the customers”.