Bocedi Q&A

Sep 30, 2021 | News

What is stretch hood film?

Stretch hood is a tubular film supplied in reels with an average diameter of 700 mm. The film is made of several layers of low-density polyethylene with excellent elastic properties. This innovative technology increases packaging efficiency and reduces handling and logistics costs by ensuring outstanding load stability, weather and UV protection of the packed products.

Can stretch hood film be printed?

Yes, stretch hood film can be printed with customised graphics in up to 6 different colours. The film is also available fully coloured, opaque or transparent.

Does the stretch hood film need to be heated?

No, stretch hood film does not need to be heated. The film has excellent elastic properties, which allow it to be stretched and released around the load, in full respect of the products safety, including heat sensitive goods.

Can stretch hood film be recycled?

Yes, stretch hood film can be recycled and can also be manufactured from recycled materials.

Where can I buy stretch hood film?

Today it is possible to buy stretch hood film from both local and multinational manufacturers with on-site warehouses, all over the world.

How fast does the Bocedi stretch hood machine work?

The Bocedi stretch hood machine has a flexible capacity, it can be set from 1 pallet/hour up to 280 pallets/hour. Each machine is configured to meet the customer production capacity requirements.

Can I pack pallets of different sizes?

Yes, Bocedi stretch hood machines can pack different types of pallets within the same machine, all in an automatic cycle. For even more flexibility, Bocedi stretch hood machines can be configured with multiple film reels (up to 6), the reel size is automatically selected by the machine.

Can I pack loads with different heights?

Yes, thanks to the integrated automatic pallet height reading system. The system allows the Bocedi stretch hood machines to prepare the right amount of film for the incoming load, optimising the use of packaging material and avoiding waste.

The stability of loads packed with the Bocedi stretch hood machine is equal to that of packaged with a shrink hood or stretch wrap?

No, the stability of packed loads is better. Stretch hood packaging has a even and more elastic load cover, which makes it suitable for all load types including unstable and irregularly shaped loads. Thanks to the greater elastic properties stretch hood secures the loads with less film compared to the other packaging processes.

Is the cost of stretch hood packaging more expensive than that of stretch wrap or shrink hood?

No, the cost of stretch hood packaging is not more expensive. The cost of the stretch hood film is slightly higher, but the consumption of stretch hood material is lower and grants significant and responsible plastic savings.