The 15th Global Insulation Conference, Exhibition and Awards will take place in historic Lisbon in 2020 and will focus on insulation market trends, manufacturing advances, insulation applications and additive technologies. The 15th Global Insulation Conference is expected to attract over 150 delegates from more than 25 countries as well as over 20 exhibitors.

Thanks to the many years of expertise in the insulation packaging field, alongside with the most prominent industry manufacturers, we have engineered the stretch hooders line “XL” dedicated to the sector. The line includes the biggest stretch hooder available on the worldwide market, capable of packaging the 1700x3600mm load size.

The XL stretch hood line, includes 5 machine models, designed to be flexible, able to pack load sizes form 400x500mm up to1700x3600mm in one single machine.

Bocedi stretch hooders can in fact be configurated with up to 6 different sizes of tubular film to grant the widest packaging flexibility currently available on the market.

Stretch hooding end of the line packaging, offers a water/weather-proof protection to the loads, excellent product display property, improved load stability.

See you at the Global insulation Conference.