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BOCEDI was founded in 1966 by brothers Vittorio and Franco Bocedi. The trademark VFB BOCEDI was born from the initials of their names and surname.
Bocedi in the 1970s

The firm dedicated itself mainly to the construction of shrink ovens and conveyance systems for pallet.
Bocedi in the 1980s

The BOCEDI brothers started the construction of hood machines and automatic end-of-line packaging machines.
Bocedi in the 1990s

With the new generation Bocedi, the firm started to plan and build stretch hood machine for packing loads on pallet without heat, using stretch tubular reel film.
Bocedi in 2005

Was an important year for the company growth, as it opened the new plant in Scandiano, Reggio Emilia, this meant they were able to triple its production plant.
Bocedi today

The company is now headed by the second generation of the BOCEDI family: the brothers Fabrizio, Luca, Stefano e Cristian Bocedi.
OFFICINA BOCEDI srl - Via R. Guttuso 2/a, 42019 Scandiano RE - ITALY - Tel. +39 0522 767025 Fax +39 0522 981983 - IT 01625490352 -
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